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The human team of Guátika is made up of a large number of people who have special interest and sensitivity towards conservation, each of them with a special talent that makes it suitable for their area of work, so in Guátika there are educators, biologists, zookeepers, veterinarians , waiters, chefs, administrators and a great etc. Each person who works here is very valuable and plays an important role, from ensuring that every person entering Guátika receives the best welcome, keeping all areas clean, operating the attractions safely and even ensuring the welfare and health of each animal. from the park.

We are proud every time a person enjoys their experience in Guátika, an unforgettable memory of a unique day. That is why we work every day with all our effort.




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Tibasosa, Boyacá.

Apertura: 9AM a 4PM S-D-F

Apertura: 9AM a 3PM L-V

Leones, tigres, osos, pumas y jaguares a la vista en su área: 10:30AM a 4:20PM después de esa hora no están a la vista del público

Whatsapp Vector - 2 Free Whatsapp Graphics downloadTel: +57 3185720136 - +57 3108892067 (atención telefónica de 8AM a 5PM)


RNT: 25437

NIT: 900307417-1

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