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The Guatika Zoo is located in a beautiful place in the department of Boyacá, 500m away from the main park of Tibasosa.


  • The municipality of Tibasosa is famous for the feijoa festival that is held in July every year offering a variety of products derived from this fruit as well as dances and other samples of regional folklore. Tibasosa is also known as the Jardín de Boyacá municipality for its beautiful flowers throughout the town, especially for its variety of bougainvillea. Two important places that you should definitely visit if you come to Tibasosa are the Hacienda Suescún and the Museum of Religious Art.

Another important attraction of the region are the Christmas lights tours that take place in December, visiting all the villages in the area such as Nobsa, Corrales, Puente Boyacá, etc.

Tibasosa is also well known for the large number of artisans who work: painters, carvers, weavers, musicians ... it is a municipality with a lot of life and culture.



Places to know near Guatika


  • Laguna de Tota and Playa Blanca, Guátika is located 45min from the lagoon and 1h15 from Playa Blanca. It is the largest lake in Colombia and it is one of the most spectacular landscapes in the country, with its white sands and blue waters at 3100 masl, the water is cold but it is compensated by the warmth of the people.
  • Paipa, a town known for its thermal springs which is only 30 min away from the zoo, another essential place to visit if you visit us.
  • Iza, famous for its delicious desserts and beautiful main park
  • Pueblito Boyacense, 25 minutes from Guátika in the direction of Duitama, a place of obligatory passage to know and enjoy the beauty of a typical Boyacan village with all its details.
  • Nobsa, if you want to know the best ruanas and taste a delicious wine 100% Boyacense you just have to visit this small town just 15 minutes from Guátika
  • Sogamoso, knows more about the Muisca culture in the Archaeological Museum of Sogamoso where a magnificent Temple of the Sun is shown, 15 minutes from Guátika.
  • Páramos, if you want to know the Andean nature in its maximum splendor you must visit some of the páramos of Sugamuxi province: Siscunsí, Ocetá, Sarna, Ogontá, Carpets, Curíes, Hirva, Tota, Bijagual, Mamapacha and Pisba.

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Tibasosa, Boyacá.

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