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If you are going to visit the zoo or make use of the attractions, you need to consider the following recommendations to make your visit as pleasant as possible:

  • Always check the weather report for the day you scheduled your visit, you can check https://www.eltiempo.es/tibasosa.html
  • You need to choose your clothes according to sunny or rainy days. Keep in mind that because of the height the incidence of the sun's rays is stronger, so it is necessary to use hat and sunscreen on sunny days; on rainy or cold days we advise you to wear boots and waterproof clothing.
  • Keep in mind for your visit that the carnivorous animals (tigers, lions, bears, pumas and jaguars) are only in their habitats from 9:30AM to 4PM
  • Always wear comfortable clothes and shoes, remember that it is a long walk, more than 2 km to see the whole park.
  • If you are going to use the attractions remember to wear clothes that you don't mind getting dirty.
  • Hydrate yourself. If you feel the route heavy you can rest at the stops while you enjoy the landscape, this is important for people who visit us from lower regions, Guátika is between 2600 and 2800 meters above sea level, take it easy.
  • Safety is always the first thing, it is important not to neglect the children during your visit.
  • Remember that pets are not allowed for safety and health reasons, we have pet daycare service with limited places if you need it.
  • If you are going to visit the zoo with your baby we recommend you to use baby carriers, if you need it we rent baby carriages with big wheels so you can visit the zoo more easily

Now you are ready to live your experience in Guátika sumercé!

Safety rules and precautions to consider:

Respect the signals

Don’t go beyond the barriers

Don’t insert your fingers or limbs into animal areas.

Children must be accompanied always by a responsible adult

Avoid running and shouting

There are areas with unevenness, walk carefully

Respect the animals, do not throw objetcs to them, they feel pain too.

Don’t hit the glasses.

Don’t throw garbage during the visit, use the bins.

Don’t climb the walls or sit on them

Don’t feed the animals. Use only food offered at the points of sale, they can get sick.

Take care of the gardens and natural areas.

Stay hydrated

Use sunscreen, radiation is usually high and can cause sunburns.

In case of rain walk with caution, there are slippery areas.

Pay attention to the instructions of the guides.

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Tibasosa, Boyacá.

Apertura: 9AM a 4PM S-D-F

Apertura: 9AM a 3PM L-V

Leones, tigres, osos, pumas y jaguares a la vista en su área: 10:30AM a 4:20PM después de esa hora no están a la vista del público

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