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Exotic animals originate in regions other than their own.

In Guátika you will be able to see several exotic animals from different regions, most of them have come to our facilities from circuses and derived from the illegal wildlife trade. Here we try to offer a good space where they can live in peace in the best conditions of well-being.


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Tibasosa, Boyacá.

Apertura: 9AM a 4PM S-D-F

Apertura: 9AM a 3PM L-V

Exhibición leones, tigres, osos, pumas y jaguares: 10:30AM a 4:20PM

Whatsapp Vector - 2 Free Whatsapp Graphics downloadTel: +57 3185720136 - +57 3108892067 (atención telefónica de 8AM a 5PM)


RNT: 25437

NIT: 900307417-1

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